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Jun 30, 2022

We recently attended the first Medicarian conference in Las Vegas. Jay Weintraub took the top Medicare Supplement conference and broadened it to include innovation. Innovation across the entire senior healthcare space. We interviewed a number of leaders on the event floor and pulled the recordings into three podcasts.Today, in part 3 of 3, we’ll explore innovation in improving senior health care. With new technology “extra benefits” of plans are quickly morphing into digital health management platforms - and those platforms include items like devices, fitness programs, and even food.

Ashley Tyrner
Big idea: Food is a medicine that is good for plan members and health plans.
Gilad Shai
Big idea: It’s time to create an innovation ecosystem in senior health and wellness. (And BTW, mobile phones continue to change our health for the better.)
Careington International
Mike Ramsey
Director of Sales
Big idea: Virtual dentistry, healthcare, and pet care is here to stay.
Guy Benjamin
Big idea: Workers need advice at scale on how to use their employee benefits.
Ottalaus Health
Christopher Liechty
Head of Marketing at Ottalaus Health
Big ideas: People need “Lego” blocks for personalized remote care monitoring of chronic conditions.

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