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Feb 16, 2021

Since March 2020, seniors have quickly grown comfortable shopping online. They have learned how to connect with family, church, and community via web calls. And they now research retirement products like never before.

However, how to keep their confidence on the web? Yes, we need to be vigilant to protect their accounts...

Feb 13, 2021

On this episode we catch up with Jon Cooper, Co-Founder and CEO, to discuss how delivers a world-class digital customer experience.

Listen to learn how their products exceed customer expectations with’s end-to-end digital customer experience.

Connect with Jon Cooper:

Feb 8, 2021

New retirement product development opportunities will clearly emerge as we emerge from the pandemic. We expect that all products will need to factor in an extended periods of very low interest rates and still deliver value.

Demand should, however, increase. Consumers will clearly understand and appreciate the importance...

Feb 4, 2021

Manish Malhotra, CEO of Income Discovery joined Nassau Re/Imagine's Innovation Hour to discuss retirement decumulation. They explore how the platform helps amplify an advisor’s value and productivity - by making the complex simple.

Enabling people to live a full and rich retirement

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Feb 1, 2021

Prior to the pandemic, seniors proved to be the highest growing user segment for Facebook. As a result of the pandemic, they now know how to use a variety of video conference tools like Zoom and FaceTime. They search the Internet aggressively to learn more about our products than sometimes we do.

How will this allow...