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Jun 16, 2022

We recently attended the first Medicarian conference in Las Vegas. Jay Weintraub took the top Medicare Supplement conference and broadened it to include innovation. Innovation across the entire senior healthcare space. We interviewed a number of leaders on the event floor and pulled the recordings into three podcasts. Today, in part 1 of 3, we’ll explore innovation in distribution. People want people to help them navigate this complex topic. However, the tools, the processes, and the outcomes are changing quickly.


Guava Suri
President & Chief Business Officer
Big idea: Consumers need very sophisticated help navigating all the plans to find that one is best for them.
ABM Insurance 
Mike Alexander
Principal, ABM Insurance


Big idea: Digital helps you touch your customer more frequently, but you need to see them in person to connect.
Viewpoint Ventures
Drew Aldrich
Managing Partners
Big idea: Humans will remain central to insurance sales, but wholesaling will go digital. 
Joe Jordan
Big idea: Biggest problem humans face is the aging of the population - paying for healthcare is a critical issue for this group.
Insurance Toolkits
Joe Wahl
Big idea: Software should help agents present Medicare products confidently and not rely on calling their upline for guidance.
CSG Actuarial  
Brien Welch  
Sales Director at CSG Actuarial, LLC
Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Big idea: Take all development direction from the agent users and you will build a business.

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