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Aug 12, 2021

Guest podcast spotlight: "The Insurtech Leadership Podcast"

In this episode, Paul Tyler, Chief Marketing Officer, Nassau Financial Group, a 5-year old company driving innovation and new partnerships in the heart of the Insurance capital Hartford.

Nassau Re/Imagine (Nassau's incubator) was designed to bring insurtech to Hartford and create a positive economic impact. Nassau is focused on reshaping retirement advice and services. Re/Imagine recently released a map of the 100-companies driving innovation and change in the space:

Paul sees room for more innovative products, for example focusing more on how long people live that returns, or managing their decumulation of assets. The lines between the traditional life stages have blurred as people prioritize the quality of life over the goal of retirement. 

The Insurtech Leadership Podcast provides up-close insights from the leaders of America’s fastest-growing Insurtechs, hosted by Josh Hollander, CEO Horton International N.A.