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Feb 8, 2021

New retirement product development opportunities will clearly emerge as we emerge from the pandemic. We expect that all products will need to factor in an extended periods of very low interest rates and still deliver value.

Demand should, however, increase. Consumers will clearly understand and appreciate the importance of guarantees more than they did prior to February 2020.

Will the SECURE Act combined with deployment of new technology and services finally cause greater demand for annuities in the workplace?

Blair Baldwin, Founder of Age-Up
Jan Buchsbaum, Head of New Product Development at Nassau Financial Group 
Tyler End, CEO of Retirable
Abby Levy, Managing Partner and Founder of Primetime Partners
Scott Moody, Co-founder and CEO of K4Connect
Aaron Shapiro, Founder and CEO of Dayforward
Ramsey Smith, Founder and CEO, (Moderator)

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