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Jul 13, 2023

In this episode we discuss Nassau Financial Group’s recent partnership with LifeYield, and how it will lead to innovative solutions in retiretech. Nassau will integrate LifeYield’s “Social Security+ with Income Layers” application into its retiretech toolbox for use by independent producers. 

Jack Sharry, Chief Growth Officer of LifeYield, joins the conversation to discuss how this partnership will benefit Nassau, LifeYield, and how the collaboration is intended to help advance the ability of independent producers to create retirement income protection for more Americans through education, emerging retiretech technology, and annuities.

“Nassau’s collaboration with LifeYield demonstrates our long-term focus on providing leading digital capabilities to help insurance producers develop strong retirement income strategies for each client,” said Tom Buckingham, Chief Growth Officer at Nassau.

“We are excited about the future of technology in retirement planning, from setting goals through seeking to protect savings, deliver guaranteed income, and pay for health care costs,” Buckingham added. “By partnering with LifeYield, we align with a leader for technology designed to maximize retirement income, broadening our commitment to insurtech beyond our incubator, Nassau Re/Imagine.”

LifeYield is a technology company whose goal is to improve investor outcomes by minimizing investment taxes and maximizing retirement income. Major financial services firms integrate LifeYield APIs with their proprietary platforms to automate ongoing asset location, tax harvesting, transitions, withdrawals, multi-account rebalancing, and retirement income optimization. LifeYield’s goal is to increase advisor productivity and improve financial results for investors, advisors, and firms.

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