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Apr 20, 2023

In this episode of The Re/Imagine Podcast, we discuss the role of AI in the insurance industry. Neeraja Rasmussen, Founder, Spyglaz, discusses the potential for AI to improve efficiencies in the value chain of insurance, from underwriting to claims to servicing to distribution. She focuses on the work that Spyglaz is doing with Nassau to optimize the relationships between carriers and agents. Our second guest, Prem Kumar, CEO and Co-Founder of Humanly, talks about how AI can help with hiring processes, from screening candidates to scheduling interviews to providing time savings and reducing time to hire. They discuss the importance of diversity and equity in hiring and the potential for AI to help with these issues. The conversation also touches on AI's potential positives and negatives, including the realistic nature of AI-generated voices and faces.

Neeraja Rasmussen founded Spyglaz, an AI growth platform that can help increase distribution partner and customer value. Their solution is built from the ground up for the insurance industry, focusing on Life and Annuity companies. Spyglaz uses machine learning and generative AI to optimize wholesaler/agent relationships and enable higher-value servicing conversations. 

Prem Kumar is currently CEO and co-founder of, a venture-backed generative AI platform that empowers hiring teams to be more effective and equitable in the job candidate conversations that should remain Human-driven while automating the ones that shouldn't. 

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