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Aug 11, 2022

Nassau Re/Imagine Retiretech Forum Session 3: Product Innovation

“How Will Key Product Categories Evolve over the Next Five Years?”

Product innovation has only accelerated over the last five years. FIAs and RILAs have stormed to the center of most individual carrier’s product agendas. The SECURE Act has opened the doors for intense focus of companies hoping to redefine the role of annuities and 401(k). The pension risk transfer market has exploded as administrators seek efficient solutions for longstanding obligations. New software platforms open the door for synthetic solutions that don’t require traditional carriers. Finally, will the government change the rules of Social Security and provision of financial advice in ways that will shake the bedrock of millions of plan assumptions? Where will this all lead us in the next five years?

Connect with the Panelists:

Michelle Richter, Principal, Fiduciary Insurance Services, Moderator

Ewelina (Evie) Mroczek, AVP, Product & Market Research, Lincoln Financial Group

Richard Fullmer, CEO, Nuovalo

David Duley, Founder & CEO, PlanGap

Laurence Black, Founder, The Index Standard

Robin Lenna, SVP, Vitech Systems Group

Bruno Caron, Associate Director, AM Best

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