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May 5, 2022

In this limited series, we will explore the frontiers of risk and innovation. Join the Re/Imagine team, Barney’s faculty, graduate students, and leading thinkers in the sector to explore how technology, science, and entrepreneurship will shape risk management in the future.

The new emerging risk management environment introduces many new business practices such as “smart contracts”; the use of alternative currencies, and expedited claim processes. Blockchain, examined on its own, is emerging as an “operating system” which can facilitate many “businesses-to-business” transactions. Yet it has been almost exclusively associated with cyber currency transactions.

When properly structured and controlled, blockchain transactions offer significant enhancements to risk financing transactions which can be secure, timely, accurate, and reconcilable. So why aren’t we seeing it utilized predictably within the insurance ecosystem?

We dive into these concepts and explore associations between blockchain and the Wild West.

John Thomson, Assistant Dean, Barney School of Business, Alec Boyd,  Student, University of Hartford, and Simon Kolkmann, Co-Founder & CTO, RYSKEX Inc., join us to discuss evolving trends and opportunities.

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