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Nov 18, 2021

On November 15, 2021 Nassau Re/Imagine hosted InsurTech Israel and members of eight startups. The group traveled from Israel to meet with leaders in the insurance ecosystem in New York City, Stamford, CT, Des Moines, IA, and in our home of Hartford, CT - the insurance capital of the world. 

At this event, we warmly welcomed our visitors and enjoyed hearing from each of them - every product and idea was interesting and carefully offered solutions for unique consumer challenges.

Throughout the night, we heard from: 

  • RavinAI (Claims vehicle inspection)
  • Insurights (Health benefits intelligence)
  • Gamasec (Cyber prevention & detection)
  • Covary (Gig insurance)
  • Emnotion (Climate risk modeling)
  • Psyber (Cyber underwriting risk assessment)
  • Urbanico – (Underwriting & pricing data )
  • Five Sigma – (Claims platform as a Service)

A big thank you is in store for Susan Winkler at Connecticut Insurance and Financial Services for sponsoring the event and to Stacey Brown of InsurTech Hartford for helping to organize the event. We would also like to thank Mayor Luke Bronin, Peter Denious of AdvanceCT and Daniel Agranov, Deputy Consul General of the State of Israel to New England. 

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